This has been a very bittersweet end to senior year to say the least. This time last month I was still very looking forward to events like senior fun night and senior trip. However, little did I know they would be canceled. However, this year in particular I felt like I was able to bondContinue reading “Farewell”

Travel and Tourism

Personally, I think that travelling is very important in that it allows us to open our minds to experience the world we live in. It gives us the opportunity to see what life is like in many cultures and learn new insights from every place we go to. To be a responsible tourist is toContinue reading “Travel and Tourism”

Karma and Suffering

In “No Way Out”, one of the main causes for suffering in the family is because of Boonma desiring too much. Although it is okay to want more in order to provide for their family, one must beware of consequences that may arise from their decisions as well. Since Boonma is in crippling debt whichContinue reading “Karma and Suffering”

WWII Poem Analysis

In the poem “Death That Need Not Have Been”, Flora Hendricks uses a lot of imagery in the piece of writing. By describing in detail what is happening in the scenes after death, it would allow for the audience to visualize an image of what actually happened inside their head. For example, the line “AndContinue reading “WWII Poem Analysis”


Nationalism’s history tells us a lot of insights. One of the main things that it shows is that each culture raises their people differently, resulting in conflicting ideas. Because of the fact that each of feels that our culture has the superior teachings or values, the feeling of pride is what follows. The motivation toContinue reading “Nationalism”

The War of Ideas

Although fundamentalist values are dangerous most of the times, it can’t be guarenteed that “modern” and “progressive” values are always better. This is because it depends on more factors that just the recency of the idealogies, one of these being the rationality behind it. If these new ideals don’t make any sense and that humansContinue reading “The War of Ideas”


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