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I think that this unit was very interesting to me for many reasons. Because of the fact that The Good Earth was set in an Asian setting, most of the themes and discussions we had were very relatable to my life. There were a lot of similarities that I shared with both the characters andContinue reading “Extra credit blog”

Childhood Rebellion?

Teenage Rebellion. One of the most inevitable things that will happen to the best of us, whether we want it to happen or not. It is an act which symbolizes maturity of the self, and how we have become more independent of traditions and our family. We all are bound to experience and go throughContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion?”

Rumi-inspired poem

Rumi’s Mystic Poem The heart is like a grain of corn, we are like a mill; how doesthe mill know why this turning?The body is like a stone, and the water its thoughts; thestone says, “The water knows what is toward.”The water says, “Ask the miller, for it was he who flung thiswater down.”The millerContinue reading “Rumi-inspired poem”

Human Rights

I think that some of the most important rights are freedom and safety. I think that freedom is very important for many reasons, It allows people to think and act for themselves, without being manipulated or abused by those in power. I think that this right had really made everybody who they are today, andContinue reading “Human Rights”

Haiku Poem

The wind blows heavily Trees and waterfalls plenty Animals live in peace The sun shines brightly Birds chirp all in harmony Nature thrives with ease

A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring Analysis

钱唐湖春行 孤山寺北贾亭西水面初平云脚低几处早莺争暖树谁家新燕啄春泥乱花渐欲迷人眼浅草才能没马蹄最爱湖东行不足绿杨阴里白沙堤 Gushan Temple is to the north, Jiating pavilion west,The water’s surface now is calm, the bottom of the clouds low.In several places, the first orioles are fighting in warm trees,By every house new swallows peck at spring mud.Disordered flowers have grown almost enough to confuse the eye,Bright grass is able now to hideContinue reading “A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring Analysis”

Senior Year

Senior year has finally come, and I am looking forward to one of the greatest years of my time at ICS. It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since I came here in 6th grade. I didn’t really have the best start to life, having to adapt to new surroundings and slowly gain the trustContinue reading “Senior Year”

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